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Resources, Letters, Announcements

This is a sort of “site map” of resources, writings, information and other resources you may find useful as you explore this issue, and what you can do!

We’ve created and compiled a lot of work by multimedia. Here it all is!


The music of the movement
The official Until Love Is Equal theme song, written by Joshua Davis.


Steps of a Satyagrahan Campaign
Our movement if based on the model created by Gandhi and this is it.


Join the Directory
Whether as an individual, a nonprofit, business or artist, etc. – join the list of those who endorse equality!

See the Directory
Here is the Directory and you can filter by category.

Post: The difference between opinions and votes
The votes by five members of council often get defended as “their opinions,” which they’re entitled to have. But are votes more than opinions, especially when it comes to the impact of votes – and particularly on matters of equality, in the United States of America?

Images from the sky, taken at “To Holland, Wit Love” May 4, 2012
See the images from Seth at Epiglotic Photographic and Eric at EasyRotor, taken from high in the sky as we formed “human art” in Rosa Parks Circle, May 4, 2012.

The justification for, and history of Until Love Is Equal
Our “raison d’etre.”

Profile picture images, photos – formatted for social media
Here’s where you can find almost every “perfect size” photo cropped and ready for your profile photo on Facebook, Twitter, or almost anywhere!

Schedule of Holland City Council meetings, directions, info.
Find out how and when you can attend and let your voice be heard!


Contact info at City Hall for members of council
Here are some tips on constructive ways to communicate to the lawmakers who voted against equality, to encourage them to reconsider on behalf of love, fairness and what’s moral.


Why it doesn’t matter how far away you are.
Proximity (or lack of it) is not an issue. Here’s why.


Year Two

Announced June 15, 2012: The Year Two plans for Until Love Is Equal, redoubling efforts to bring Holland City Council all information they need to reconsider the vote for equality! This is the “baker’s dozen” of announcements, our blueprint for the start of the second year of the movement.



The ordinance: here’s what Holland City Council refused to consider
The ordinance that Holland’s Human Relations Commission (HRC) recommended unanimously to Holland City Council on June 15, 2011. Members of council voted 5-4 against the ordinance. This is a PDF of the memos and findings that led up to the ordinance, and the HRC recommended ordinance language.

An Open Letter to the Honorable Brian Burch
Twenty years ago, the Mayor of Holland encouraged the City of Grand Rapids to adopt protections for LGBT residents and workers. Until Love Is Equal joins a proud tradition of Holland and Grand Rapids’ interconnectedness, and a longing by each to look at the region as a whole (more than the sum of its parts).

An Open Letter to the honorable Brian Burch
Until Love Is Equal wrote a respectful reply to the Honorable Brian Burch, elected member of council in Holland, MI – regarding his explanation of his June 15, 2011 vote against protections for LGBT residents and workers.

Mayor Kurt Dykstra’s explanation for his vote.
One June 15, 2011, the Honorable Kurt Dykstra, Mayor, Holland (MI) voted against housing and employment anti-discrimination protections for LGBT residents and workers. This is his explanation of why he was about to vote against the protections, which he read aloud June 15, 2011, minutes before voting “no.”

Until Love Is Equal is not a boycott: here’s why
This document explains how we came to take the word “boycott” out of our Group page, why, when, and what that means.

Letter to Holland from the oldest LGBT organization in the world
The oldest LGBT rights organization *in the world* contacted Until Love Is Equal during the summer of 2011 and sent a communication declaring frustration with the misrepresentation of Dutch “traditions,” by certain people in the city of Holland (MI).

Letter to Holland from the Grand Rapids Human Rights Commission

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