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On June 15, 2011, five members of Holland, MI (USA) City Council voted against an anti-discrimination ordinance – voting to preserve the “right” to fire and evict LGBTQ residents, simply based on the fact you’re anti-LGBTQ. Regardless if they’re great employees or perfect tenants. You don’t like gay people? Holland City Council voted to protect your right to get rid of them.

A job and a place to live… things available to any American who works hard. But the vote (against the anti-discrimination ordinance) leaves a vulnerable minority at the whims of people who may despise them.

When the “right” to fire LGBTQ is defended as “a First Amendment issue”… and when the City Councilors who voted “no” are telling the disenfranchised minority to go out door-to-door in the community and ask people to vote for their protection… sometimes you have to wonder if we’ve lost our minds.

Colbear Rapport: West Michigan from Until Love Is Equal on Vimeo.

For a complete history, please click here. We encourage you to join us, to join Hope Is Ready and Holland Is Ready, to encourage change and reconsideration of the vote on this important issue in West Michigan.


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